About me

I was born in Boise, Idaho and have a natural love for the wilderness and the Rocky Mountains. I feel very blessed in life to have been raised in a loving home as a child being exposed to diverse music, artwork & literature from my incredible parents.  My teenage years consisted of studies in Art and Drafting classes in High School. This propelled me in 2D mechanical and architectural rendering that supported my first pen & paper role-playing games.  I enjoy reading science fiction & fantasy novels. My quiet hobby is Astronomy and viewing the night sky with my 6" Dobson Style Telescope. My not so quiet hobby of being a vocalist and songwriter still persists to this day when I have the time. 


I have a secret passion for great art and my independent studies lead me to great masters in the arts. My foundation of traditional art knowledge came from Gayle Prince, A world-renowned artist of modern spiritual works. I also loved working with animation and went to DigiPen Institute of Technology to help me learn how to teach youth the basics of animation creation which I have employed as a volunteer merit badge counselor for the Animation and Game Design merit badges for the Boy Scouts of America.


Vocationally I have worked in graphic design for digital and print applications. I wanted to grow more in interactive designs so all my educational interests pointed to one school that could help me get to the next level. I finished my B.S. in Game Design from Full Sail University Online on December 20, 2019. This has been more than just learning how to make great interactive entertainment but put me in the arena of working with AR/VR/XR platforms as well as gaining core design principles in UI/UX design.


Design Specialist for an Innovative World

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