It has been a great adventure learning as a student and learning as a mentor. Here are some of the best academic experiences I have been able to participate in that have shaped my life and brought me happiness.


Successfully completed the DigiPen ProjectFUN Professional Teacher Training for Animation 1 workshop curriculum.













Awarded on March 2nd, 2012

This Game Design Bachelor of Science program has enhanced my ability to work in a game studio environment. I have learned the development pipeline for high-level game design and production. I have learned key industry concepts for systems and level designs allowing me to prototype and evaluate all game projects.

Bachelor of Science

Graduated 12/20/2019



For Project and Portfolio V: Game Design


My educational goals at Full Sail University ~

Testing Time on a Level

Door Animation & Trigger

Lights Out Diagnostic

Trello Program

Simon Diagnostic

The Tower 1st walk through

Learning Presentations



Creative Presentation

I have learned to effectively utilize visual storytelling techniques, create meaningful content, and apply lessons from myths and movies to shape the audience’s journey.

Psychology of Play

I have applied critical-thinking skills, and strengthened the ability to collaborate with others in social and professional settings.

Game Design I

As a game designer I break down game ideas into discrete, functional, and logical systems. Being responsible for all features of any given game, such as player goals, choices, and game rules, I have observed and analyzed different game designs to understand how these elements interact.

Technology, Entertainment and Media

Gaining an understanding of the impact of technology and technological innovations across various industries.  Including, how emerging technologies are shaping entertainment and media industries.

Discrete Mathematics

Learning mathematical reasoning, symbolic logic, sets and relations, sequences, functions, algorithms, matrices, number theory, combinatorics, probability, and Boolean algebra.

Design Tools

Gaining knowledge about the tools used by game designers in the industry. How to create game design documentation, simulate using spreadsheets, brainstorm effectively, and present ideas in a group setting.

Programming Foundations I

Using the Unity engine and the application of C# scripts. Achieving a playable build for Macs & PC or web portal.

Fundamentals of Physical Science

Learning concepts such as Newtonian mechanics, properties of matter, electromagnetism, the nature of waves and sound, and cosmological phenomena.

Project & Portfolio I

Programing using a game engine and computer scripting language. I can demonstrate understanding of procedural logic and linear thinking.

English Composition I

I can develop ideas, control the voice and style of writing, and formulate a thesis.

Design and Development Analysis

I use techniques used to deconstruct, reproduce, and improve existing games based on a thorough analytical process.

Project & Portfolio II: Interactive Design

Implement play-testing for an original analog game. My focus was placed on the mechanics, flow, fun, and unique play aesthetics of the project.


Learning statistics for data collection methods, organization of data, descriptive analysis, and visual representation of data. 

Level Design

I can analyze game levels concepts with level pacing and flow, setting clear goals for a player, and the importance of visuals. 

Building Functional Groups

I have learned how to survey, develop, and employ unique, team-specific communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution techniques.

Project & Portfolio III

I have conducted rigorous play-tests; revise my work based on peer play-tests, and industry feedback.

Programming Foundations II

Learning architecture and problem solving, programming techniques in JavaScript, including object prototyping, algorithms, and simple finite-state machines.

Game Mechanics

Using game rule–based systems, challenge-and-reward systems and sync game-play decisions to a specified target audience.

Professional Writing

I have learned how to focus on persuasion with different writing formats, styles, and techniques in writing letters, negative messages, positive messages, and proposals.

World Building

Creating a level based on game interactions and features.  Concepts such as interaction-driven level, modularity, and combat scenarios are part of my work.

Project & Portfolio IV

Customizing my digital projects created in previous technical classes by adding new and interesting mechanics.

Game Development

Implementation of multiple phases of development with abilities, tools, and research methods necessary to deliver a game from concept to completion.

Game Design II

Advancing my game design skills in game studies, theory and practice.

Systems Thinking

Understanding impact of systems within games for player choice, resource acquisition and allocation, game economies, and ecosystems.

Historical Archetypes & Mythology

Applying connections between history, mythology, and iconic archetypes that are used to identify, understand, and relate to mythological characters and characters of my own creation.

Project & Portfolio V

Iterating on a digital game project using concepts and content from the previous courses.


Creating my first team-based digital game prototype while working in a team environment during the development process.

Game Design Pre-production

I learned to collaborate in a professional game-development environment, working in teams to document and develop a gameplay prototype.

Project & Portfolio VI

Learning hands-on experiences with summative and formative portfolio assessments.  The mechanism of this iteration is a project pitch.

Game Systems Integration

 Take an existing game that is near completion and I have learned how to perform testing, improve existing mechanics, add visual and audio player feedback, and more. 

Game Balancing

I have learned how to use level-design and gameplay-design fundamentals to create levels that capitalize on the strengths of certain design elements. When to make it final and when to cut features that are deprecated or not synergistic with the overall design direction.

Project & Portfolio VII

 the final checkpoint for my Putting the finishing touches on my digital project, preparing it for submission to festivals and release to the general public.

Saber Guru

This was a game concept that was being designed for a digital app. To test many of the game ideas and appeal we build a tabletop version for testing purposes.



Windmill Switch

New Team City/Capstone

Collective work from our small team.

Top-Down Shooter game.


David Coleman

Cameron Daughtry

Gabriela Garay

Timothy Acquard

Laura Taylor



Jacob Donham

Aliyah Phelps

Noah White


Marvin Coates

David Klingel

download game


Projects & Designs

Works from class creations that show my work and involvement for individual and group collaborations.

Tic-Tac-Toe Diagnostic

2014-2015 FIRST Tech Challenge Team for Idaho Falls, Idaho

Volunteer Coach and Mentor for Mechanical Spud Gears, Idaho Falls, Idaho.













For those unfamiliar with the FTC: points are awarded for a 30 sec. autonomous period where it is completely up to the programming and then a 2 minute driver-controlled (telop) period. Points are then awarded individually and as an alliance with a team of the same color, knocking center poles out, getting back to your starting zones, etc.

Competition in Moscow, Idaho

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