Keeping a balanced life with diverse experiences is the key to my success. Don't be afraid to try something new or shy from something exciting. Fill your life with adventures and be grateful in all things.

Here are just a few things that have made an impact in my life. These experiences have giving me a positive outlook on life and helped me to appreciate how sacred life really is. 


This is my everything! Here are some great experiences and moments with my family that make life FUN!

Rafting down Warm River, Idaho with two of my daughters. 

iFly in Utah diving in a giant wind tunnel. 

Kayaking down Salmon River in Idaho with High Adventure Boy Scouts

Salmon River, resting before the next set of rapids on the river 

Two Sets of rapids on Salmon River in Idaho

Adventure ropes course for climbing and zip-lines.

Family visiting demonstration and showing of military vehicles

Adventure ropes course for climbing and zip-lines.

Family at the water park in Rexburg Idaho

Adventure ropes course for climbing and zip-lines.

Family at the Sledding Hill

Blast Cars for the Derby. Cub Scouts build their own vehicles for launching on the track.

Cub Scouts learning to make a fire in winter inside a tee pee 

Family at a Baseball game at Melaleuca Stadium

Fall Harvest Family pictures are always a challenge

Eagle Scout Project for my son. Installing bear boxes.

Family visits the museum at Hill Airforce Base in Utah

Family visit to the local rock climbing gym. Fun for all ages.

Climb up and repel down at the gym

Family hiking and participating in the yearly Huckleberry picking season near the Teton Mountain range on the State of Idaho side. 

The adventure of fast food in a large family. 

Fairy Falls in Yellowstone National Park

Family trip to Yellowstone National Park. Amazing beauty!

Family trip to Yellowstone National Park. Hiking is the best part!

Rope swing adventure.

Dropping off my daughters on the island


Service project at the girls campsite. Stocking up on the season firewood needed for the rest of the year.

Articus my Dog